Kourtney Kardashian pregnant sunglasses pajamas jfk

We're not sure what inspired Kourtney Kardashian to wear this printed sweatsuit, but there are two things to consider: 1) she's preggers and 2) she's about to hop on a 6 hour flight to New York. So...we're not gonna judge.

On Wednesday the pregnant reality TV starlet and her two kids jetted off to the Hamptons to resume filming their spin-off show, and it'll be interesting to see what happens when Kourt reunites with baby daddy Scott Disick. After a heated argument, Kourt left Scott back on the east coast last week, and while she was trying to teach him a lesson, he didn't appear too bummed about her absence when we snapped his picture the other day.

Kourt has reportedly had it with Scott's partying and childish antics, and a source tells Us Weekly, "Kourtney was yelling at Scott after she found an inappropriate picture of him with another girl." She reportedly screamed during the argument, "You need to be a more responsible father and get better. There is another baby on the way! You need to straighten up or get out!"