Leo ain't having any of it!

Over the weekend, Leonardo DiCaprio went to a party where he refused to be filmed for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", reports Us Weekly. Guess not everyone feels like keeping up!

The party, which happened on Sunday, was for former Hills star Frankie Delgado's birthday, was at trendy spot, XIV. The Jenner boys, Bruce, Brandon and Brody, were in attendance at the swanky soiree. Brody, who famously ditched out on Kim's big day, was DJing the event, which was being filmed for KUWTK.

But not everyone at the party was into being on camera. Notoriously private Leo was also a guest at the bash and party planners were aware of his desire to be low profile at events.

"The organizers know how Leo feels about cameras, so they gave him a heads up," a source told the mag. "He didn't want to be filmed for the show, he wouldn't have wanted to be filmed for anything ... but especially not that one."

Instead of leaving, the Wolf of Wall Street star simply, "waited until they were done" filming, and "then went with some boys and had a great time." Leo does love his boys!

Apparently, Kim Kardashian's ex BFF Paris Hilton also refused to be on camera at the party -- ya know 'cause she hates being filmed and all.