When it comes to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's relationship being over, never say never!

After nearly twenty breakups (and that's probably a conservative estimate), Justin and Selena are back together yet again, and it seems like they haven't spent a minute apart since their latest reconciliation.

After posing for a snuggly picture on Instagram last week (which the Biebs subsequently deleted), hanging in Malibu and partying it up on Monday at a club, the lovebirds headed to a recording studio in Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon. Selena looked as giddy as a teenager, and Bieber looked like his usual too-cool-for-school self as he drove the duo around in his blue Ferrari.

While it all seems like puppy love, the duo aren't exactly kids anymore -- case in point, Selena got in trouble on Tuesday night for throwing a party at her new home, and it seems like her family are looking to put the blame on her bad boy beau! Apparently the party got so out of control that Selena's neighbors called the police to complain around 11:30pm, and a source tells TMZ that the noise was so loud "her windows were rattling."

Selena told her family that she's back with Justin "because he's cleaned up his act," but they're clearly not Beliebers. But will it be different this time around?