Things are not looking good for Casper Smart and his meal ticket/girlfriend Jennifer Lopez!

Sofie Vissa, the transgender model whom the dancer has been linked to, is breaking her silence on their inappropriate relationship.

Vissa spoke to Woman's Day and told the publication that the duo first began chatting on Instagram last month. Eventually the two shared sexually explicit images, and she added that Smart definitely knew that she is transgender.

"Id do hashtags on Instagram to get a lot of followers Id put #TS or #Shemale or #transgendered on them," Vissa said. "I remember I put those hashtags on one of my photos and when I went back to look at my phone Id got a request from Casper."

Vissa claims that the 27-year-old dancer chatted her up and said that he liked her bikini photos, specifically "the one with the blue top." The model also alleges that Smart told her that he didn't publicly "like" her photos, "Because a lot of people monitor what I like. And I think telling you is better, dont you?"

Vissa alleges that Smart asked her for more pics, saying, "I wanna see more, what you got?" She claims that she said, "What do you wanna see? My smile?" Vissa then claimed Smart responded, "Haha sure. Thats the best attribute on a person."

Vissa says the two eventually started sharing photos but told Woman's Day that the contact ended when she sent him an entirely nude photo. The model says that Smart completely ended contact after that alleges that he deleted the photos and exchanges between the two.

Hmm ... we aren't sure what to believe. Pics or it didn't happen, lady!

But this isn't the only transgendered beauty that Smart allegedly had dealings with. News broke earlier this week that the 27-year-old has a more than sexting relationship with transsexual model Xristina Marie.

The Dirty's Nik Richie wrote:

    " broke the story of Casper Smart cheating on Jennifer Lopez with transsexual model Sofie Vissa last week. This week I discovered (thank you Dirty Army) a SECOND transsexual model by the name of Xristina Marie. Xristina Marie also had inappropriate relations with Casper Smart. According to our source the couple met in Miami and Casper Smart was 100% aware that Xristina is a transsexual."

But it looks like JLo and her main man are about to be dunzo. Radar reported Lopez and Smart are about ready to call it quits. "The relationship is all but over," says a source. "Jennifer has been embarrassed by him yet again. He was not invited to accompany her to New York. Casper was told hes not going to Brazil for the World Cup. Soccer is his favorite sport, so it must really suck for him."

Hmm ... not gonna lie ... we really aren't feeling too bad for Casper right about now! Nobody messes with JLo!