IIt appears as if between swigging sizzurp and banging broads, Justin Bieber has actually been working hard on a new album. The Biebs pulled a Beyonce last night and teased 11 new songs via his Instagram account -- and things are sounding pretty legit.

The Canadian bad boy released 11 15-second clips via the social media site.

The posts offer very little info (no song titles) -- we do know from the vids that the 20-year-old is in the studio recording -- but the beats are hoppin'. The "Boyfriend" singer has some slow and sexy tunes, as well as some dancetastic tracks, which are sure to be hits. The only morsel Bieber shared was the tweet, "Great night in the studio."

Listening to the snip its -- it sounds like JB's next unnamed album is going to a be a hot one!