Ray J is sawwwy!

The troubled rapper, who was recently charged with 10 crimes after a drunken incident in Beverly Hills, has a lot to be sorry for. And he knows it. In his newest song, "Never Should Have Did That," the singer laments his past plethora of past mistakes, including a clear reference to his sex tape with ex Kim Kardashian.

Ray J doesn't leave much to the imagination when he lists off all the things he says he wishes he hadn't done: popping pills, cheating, and "f*cking b*tches on camera." Aww we all hope our ex boyfriends talk about us in such a respectful way!

But that's not all Ray J regrets -- apparently after the fact, Ray thinks it was probably not a good idea to "F*ck a ho without a condom" because "Now this b*tch is gonna have my kid." Awww that's a sweet way to talk about your unborn child's mother! Umm ... guess someone was too busy making bad choices to go to sex ed class ...

We have a feeling once Kanye hears his Kimmy K diss -- Ray J's going to have a whole new world of regret.