Even a classy lady like Taylor Swift knows how to highlight those slim pins!

On Tuesday afternoon, the "Trouble" singer headed to Angelica Cafe for a light lunch -- we think any boys who saw her in this winning outfit are headed for some trouble of their own!

Wearing a green-print dress, the 24-year-old turned heads with her short, flirty green dress, gold necklace with the letter "S" and fuchsia heels. That short skirt and those sky-high heels certainly help elongate the already leggy songstress!

Earlier in the day, Taylor used her "S" necklace to squash the rumors that she and BFF were feuding. Despite reports that Taytay had cut ties with Selena Gomez for reuniting with bad boy boyfriend Justin Bieber, the blonde took to Twitter today to wish her frenemy a happy 22nd birthday.

"Usually this S represents 'Swift' but today I'm wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!!" she captioned a snapshot of herself hold an "S" necklace in front of the camera.

We don't know if we buy that the rift has been mended -- but as long as all seems copacetic on social media -- we give Tay an A for effort!