Ben Affleck flew home to celebrate the Fourth of July with his family, as he's suffered some seriously bad press during the filming of his upcoming Batman vs. Superman in Detroit.

As reports claim Ben's been doing as much gambling as he has acting, the father-of-three headed home to see the family and celebrate the holiday. He packed up the team and headed just up the street from his home to the Pacific Palisades for the town's annual Fourth of July parade.

Ben gave daughter Violet a lift, while Jen carried son Samuel and little Seraphina hoofed it on her own. The family found a seat on the curb and watched the passing floats before taking their bikes back to the car to head home.

Our photographer on the scene tells us: "Ben looked happy to be with his kids. He was smothering them with attention, but he was a little cold with Jen. She wasn't exactly affectionate with him either. Their interaction was definitely icy."

Despite obvious issues in their relationship, X17 readers believe the two will make it. 50% of you think they'll "make it work," while 31% were unsure. Only 18% believed they were "on the fast-track to disaster!"