Sir Bob Geldof is finally speaking out after the death of his daughter Peaches in April. Her overdose left two young sons Astala and Phaedra motherless -- and now the music man is saying that he wants his grandsons to grow up away from the "soap opera" that is the Geldof family.

"For 40 years, for good or ill, the family has been part of the national soap opera and I never expected that, and a lot of people think they know us and in some ways they do know parts of us," the Boomtown Rats performer said during a televised interview.

He added, "My life has also seemed incredibly episodic, like a soap opera."

The Brit said he doesn't want to bring Peaches' young sons, who were 11-months-old and 23-months-old when their mother died, to be in such an unhealthy world.

"I don't want them becoming wrapped up in the Geldof life. It's great in some respects, it's appalling in other times and things," said the protective grandfather.

Three months after her death, the 62-year-old says he is still breaking down uncontrollably but that playing music is helping him cope with the great loss, which he says is "intolerable."

Geldof also lost his first wife Paula Yates to heroin overdose in 2000.