This movie looks amazing, but we have to say, we never thought we'd see Steve Carell OR Channing Tatum tackle these sorts of roles!

The new trailer for Foxcatcher hit the web yesterday, which tells the story of Olympic wrestling champ brothers Mark and David Schultz and their twisted relationship with their wealthy and mentally unstable sponsor, John Eleuthere du Pont.

In the 1980s du Pont invited Mark to train at his Foxcatcher facility with the U.S. wrestling team to prepare for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, but when Mark's older brother Dave also arrives to train with the group, tensions rise. Dave was shot to death by du Pont several years later.

Despite the fact that the movie's release date was pushed back nearly a year, Bennett Miller (Moneyball and Capote) won the award for Best Director at Cannes after the film's debut earlier this spring.

From Carell's physical transformation to Channing's acting chops, this is definitely on our must-see list. Foxcatcher hits theaters on November 14.