David Arquette leather bootsy bellows hollywood nightclub

But, we should point out that "hitting the town" is stopping by the nightclub in which he's a partner...

On Tuesday David Arquette went to the L.A. Dodgers game with Larry King, and after that he went to Bootsy Bellows. The 42-year-old actor was his usual wacky self outside of the club, chatting with pals and promoters and even dancing a little bit before he went inside. David was sipping on water when we caught up with him, but last summer he admitted to Howard Stern that he was drinking again after going to rehab in 2011.

"I’m drinking again … I’m a drinker, I drink a lot,” he confessed, adding that he started imbibing because he was “feeling like I wasn’t being that true to myself. I’m a wild man, I do get out of control, [but] I try to keep a cap on it.” David added, “I’m a responsible person, I have my daughter three days a week. I’m incredibly responsible. I’m living my life and I’m trying not to hurt people.”

David and his girlfriend Christina McLarty welcomed a baby boy Charlie West in late April, so now that he's got a son 7 days a week, we hope he's taking it easy on the party scene!