Lucky ladies!

Denise Richards took daughters Sam, Eloise and Lola shopping in Malibu on Tuesday, and she may not be on the best terms with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, but she was still in a great mood!

A few months ago it was reported that Charlie was kicking Denise out of the mansion he bought for her in his gated development, and since she was house hunting this spring, it sounds like that may have actually been true. Charlie was also reportedly trying to get Denise's $55,000 a month child support payment reduced, but there was no word on whether that even happened. As far as we're concerned, Denise deserves that amount of money for putting up with Charlie's shenanigans, and let's not forget that for a while Denise was taking care of Sheen's sons, Bob and Max, when Sheen's other ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, was in and out of rehab.

Sheen is worth an estimated $125 million, and earlier this year he revealed that he and fiancee Brett Rossi (you know, that hot 24-year-old porn star) won't be signing a prenup if and when they walk down the aisle. He may think he's winning, but when you look at the amount of current and future child/spousal support payments he's responsible for, maybe not so much!