We can't wait to see this!

The first trailer for Nightcrawler has hit the web, not only do we witness Jake Gyllenhaal's crazy acting chops, but we also see his dramatic weight loss onscreen for the first time. Remember, the hunky star lost about 20 pounds to play the character of Lou Bloom, a freelance crime journalist.

Not to get confused with the Marvel comic of the same name, it seems as though there could be some American Psycho-style madness going on with this film. As part of a viral marketing campaign for the film, an actual ad was placed on Craigslist written in the voice of Bloom. "I'm looking for full-time employment. No job too big or too small. I have my own car and phone," the ad said. Bloom is described as being "persistent" and someone who can "work nights."

"I can only approach things from a mental place," Jake previously told E! News about the gritty role. "Like I'm playing a character who's hungry, figuratively and literally, who's driven in ways to do things and succeed at any cost. And I think that defines a generation in a lot of way so I wanted to get their mentally and then have it transform me physically, because I am not one to rely on science as much as I am on just sort of instinct. That's sort of the character."

Nightcrawler hits theaters this October.