She needs to be careful not to go too far!

Jessica Simpson reportedly wants to lose even more than the 50 pounds she's already shed since giving birth to son Ace, and considering the Weight Watchers spokeswoman is currently in the best shape of her life, it seems she's become obsessed with her size!

"She's been the smallest she's been in years, and she still doesn't think it's good enough. She is determined to get even thinner," a source tells In Touch.

The mother-of-two has transformed her love of food into a love of extreme fitness to achieve her shocking slim down.

"Jessica wants to get down to 93 pounds. She's become an exercise addict. She walks six miles a day, strength-trains three times a week and constantly runs on a treadmill. She's gotten so carried away, she's fainted on a few occasions," the source adds.

The fashion mogul has allegedly cut sugar, soy, carbs, red meat, and processed foods out of her diet, but one thing she can't bring herself to part with is alcohol! "She still likes to drink, so if she has a cocktail, she won't eat! She never wants to be made of for her weight ever again," another insider dishes.

We think you look beautiful just the way you are, Jess!