Justin Bieber and his mustache are currently causing all sorts of trouble in Ibiza, Spain, and several hours after getting into a brawl with Orlando Bloom, he posted this sexy and shirtless selfie on a boat. "Sunburnt and a mustache," the 20-year-old Canadian crooner captioned the pic.

Anyway, back to Bieber's bad boy behavior! As you know, he got into a squabble with Orly in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and it seems pretty clear that the cockfight was over Miranda Kerr. In late 2012 Justin got flirty with Miranda at a party in New York City -- when she was still married to Orly. Though Miranda denied sleeping with Justin, there were all sorts of rumors that the baby-faced Aussie and the "Baby" singer did more than just pose for pictures together after the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Of course, Orlando was rumored to be hooking up with Selena Gomez back in April, but patrons at Cipriani in Ibiza say that the tiff was all about Orly's gorgeous ex-wife.

One onlooker tells TMZ that Justin "extended his hand to Orlando, who refused it, and when Justin asked, 'What's your problem,' Orlando mentioned Miranda. Justin then tried to walk away and that's when Orlando swung." However, the site reports that another eyewitness said Justin "said something to the effect of, 'I had sex with your wife,' and then Orlando swung." After that, Bieber reportedly said, "What's up b*tch," and the two had a heated exchange before Biebs left the venue. But he wasn't done! Just a little while after that, Bieber posted a sexy snapshot of a bikini-clad Miranda with a crown symbol as the caption, only to take it down a few minutes later.

Yes, this really just happened. A little after 2pm PST Bieber posted the Instagram photo below of Orlando crying, so clearly his beef with the 37-year-old actor is far from over! Biebs took the pic down around 2:25pm PST, but he can't erase it from our page! he re-posted it at 2:42pm PST!!!

Are you on Team Biebs or Team Bloom? And in case you missed it, click thru to see a newer video of Orly trying to hit Justin...