Just because he looks like a vampire, doesn't mean that Karl Lagerfeld doesn't know how to summer with the best of them.

Wearing his signature funeral-meets-Dracula style, the German fashion designer "enjoyed" a shopping day with a friend in the resort town of Saint-Tropez, France on Monday. BTW: we put enjoyed in quotes -- because we aren't sure if the Chanel's head honcho feels joy (or any emotions for that matter) -- and we don't really care. We love that humorless German just as he is -- a walking, talking fashion icon, whose jewel encrusted pinky finger holds more fabulous than the sum of your meager existence.

Don't you dare think for a minute that just because plebeians run around the French Riviera with their short shorts and tank tops -- that Uncle Karl is going to change up that all-black attire or take off those fingerless leather gloves of his. The Count doesn't change for the seasons -- the seasons change for him!

Look, behold, and enjoy (just because he can't feel ... doesn't mean you shouldn't) the glory that is KARL LAGERFELD IN THE SUMMER!