Is it bad that we love this look?!

Kesha showed up at LAX to catch a flight today, and the singer rocked baby blue hair and a colorful ensemble that reminded us of the childhood toy My Little Pony!

The pop princess has been looking better than ever since seeking treatment for an eating disorder earlier this year, and she recently explained how she came to suffer from the disease and how the constant media scrutiny surrounding her figure only added to her problem.

"The music industry has set unrealistic expectations for what a body is supposed to look like, and I started becoming overly critical of my own body because of that. I felt like people were always lurking, trying to take pictures of me with the intention of putting them up online or printing them in magazines and making me look terrible. I became scared to go in public, or even use the Internet. I may have been paranoid but I also saw and heard enough hateful things to fuel that paranoia," she confessed to Elle magazine.

Her bod has never looked better, so whatever she's doing to take care of herself is working wonders!