Kim Kardashian and step brother Brandon Jenner once got a little too close for comfort and kissed when they were younger, brother Brody Jenner revealed on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

After Brody walked in on his reality star sibling doing a sexy photoshoot in Thailand, the family began joking that the 30-year-old was turned on by it. "I feel like Brody is crushing on Kim. I think you've had a crush since you were 7 years old," Kris Jenner joked.

"That was him and Kim!" Brody shot back, pointing at Brandon. "You're forgetting that. They kissed back in the day," he revealed. Brandon tried to deny the incident and change the subject, but Brody continued, "It's on you now! And he knows it's true."

Such a Clueless moment!