Kim Kardashian posted some sexy bikini photos from her latest Mexican vacation on Instagram yesterday, and it looks like she's having a blast sitting poolside and soaking up the sun.

After staying at pal Joe Francis' house, Casa Aramara, in Punta Mita for their honeymoon, the reality TV starlet and hubby Kanye West are back again, and a source tells Us Weekly that the duo are trying to make baby number two! The newlyweds are reportedly so eager to give Nori a sibling that they went back to the romantic spot just for that purpose. The source added, Kanye wants a boy! Of course he does...

However, after the criticism Kim received for her 50something pound weight gain during her first pregnancy, she reportedly wants to keep this pregnancy under wraps as long as possible. Kim wont tell anyone until shes five months along, a source told the mag. She doesnt want people scrutinizing her body. If she starts putting on the baby weight after a few months though, don't you think people are going to notice and start speculating anyway?

Kim posted the below shot and wrote, "#OurLovelyLadyLumps," and as great as Francis' pregnant girlfriend Abbey Wilson looks, we wanna see more Kim! This will have to do for now: