We always forget how much Kendall Jenner towers over her big sister -- and Kim Kardashian is wearing heels in this pic too! (BTW, we LOVE the fact that Kendall posted an Instagram photo of the two yesterday and wrote, "she looks up to ME…")

On Thursday afternoon Kim and Kendall landed at Los Angeles International Airport after a long flight from France, and Kim wasn't even in Paris for 36 hours! She flew out of New Jersey on Tuesday and landed in the City of Light on Wednesday morning, at which point she promptly headed to the Valentino boutique. You know, to pick up that gorgeous dusty teal dress that showed off all of her best features her boobs.

Meanwhile Kendall was modeling for Chanel and Balmain, and whether she was working it on the runway or strutting around the city, she looked absolutely amazing. While Kim didn't tweet any praise to her 18-year-old sibling, mom Kris Jenner was all about it, posting a photo of Kendall on Instagram and writing, "WOW!!! Congratulations @kendalljenner you look so beautiful walking in the Chanel Couture show just now!!!!! I’m so proud of you! Fabulous show @karllagerfeld #KarlLagerfeld #Paris #ChanelCoutureFallWinter2014 #Stunning."

She may be their manager, but it sounds like she's also one proud mama!