I mean, those are all real, right? Or is she faking yet another thing?

Yesterday afternoon Kylie Jenner grabbed a bite to eat at Urth Caffe in Los Angeles, and not only are the rest of her family in the Hamptons or Europe, but none of her gal pals were anywhere to be seen!

Maybe now that she has no one else to hang out with, she'll be forced to spend some quality time with dad Bruce Jenner? As you may know, mom Kris recently scolded Kylie for not spending enough time with her father, even pointing out the 16-year-old reality starlet doesn't respond to Bruce's texts or calls. Um, rude!

In other news, Kris is busting her momager booty in an attempt to get Kylie and Kendall's book, Rebels: City Of Indra a movie deal! Yup, this is the book that the teenagers penned with the help of Maya Sloan, which tells the oh-so-original story of Lex and Livia, two girls with superpowers.

"She hopes it could be the next Twilight or Hunger Games teen sensation," a source told The Sun of Kris' expectations. Way to dream big, PMK! In an interview with The Star, Kylie added, "The fans seem to love it. That