Looks like Lance is back!

Lance Bass is letting the world know he has more left in his musical tank as he celebrated the release of his latest single, Walking on Air, in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The former 'N Sync star admitted to having taken a detour from that scene for a bit but is rearing to get back on track.

"I had a little free time a few months ago and I decided I want to do my debut single," the 35-year-old singer said. "It's something I miss so much."

The song already saw success in Europe, where it was #1 for several weeks, and that prompted Bass to bring it over stateside. The track has even gotten the remix treatment, along with some more true-to-life lyrics coming from the former boy band member.

"I like to sing from my heart," he said. "Even with the remix to Walking on Air, you'll actually hear me saying the word 'boy' instead of 'girl,' like, 'Oh, my gosh,' think about a guy singing about a guy. In the meantime, I'm already working on my second single, so music is def back in my life."

Sounds like he's back in the swing of things!