We doubt he was ever offered the part in the first place but ok!

LeAnn Rimes burst into tears when husband Eddie Cibrian revealed he turned down an acting role to stay close to his wife and family, and the whole thing was captured on camera for their failing reality show.

The TV actor was offered a part in Dallas, which shoots in the Lone Star state and would require him to relocate for seven months, so he opted to pass on the opportunity.

"I have made my decision. I am going to pass," he told LeAnn after she returned from a night out with pals, to which she responds, "Really, are you okay with that? The last thing I want is for you to be resentful of the situation."

"I am totally okay with it. Even if they could have worked it out it would have still been very difficult. There is no way that I could do it,' the father-of-two insists. "I know you need to feel fulfilled, you love what you do and it breaks my heart to see that you have to compromise as much as you do to be honest," the country singer worried.

"I'm at peace with it, you know family is more important to me. Another job will come around that is better and that is here,' Eddie assured her.

He deserves an Academy award for this performance, because we all know he'd probably be fine leaving LeAnn and the drama at home!