Based on how happy LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were when we caught up with them at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, you'd never know their new VH1 reality show was totally tanking!

Leann And Eddie premiered last night at 10:30pm, and the first episode was seen by a whopping total of 374,000 viewers. While that seems like a lot of people, keep in mind the network's other new program, Naked Dating, premiered with 826,000 total viewers.

As The Hollywood Gossip wrote, "To put that in perspective, the episode was beaten in the ratings by reruns of COPS and Seinfeld, and a Nickelodoen sitcom called Dog With a Blog." Oh dear!

It doesn't seem like the show will be back for a second season, but now we're beginning to wonder if the network will pull the plug on the series before the first season is even over. We're guessing it depends on how many episodes the country has-been and her hunky hubby have already shot...