Retouch My Body: Terry Richardson Pix of Mariah Carey Before Photoshop

Mariah Carey is totally looking her age in these photos -- and then, not so much!

Jezebel got their hands on the pre-Photoshop pictures from the 44-year-old singer's recent Wonderland magazine shoot, and the before shots are anything but glamorous! Celeb shutterbug Terry Richardson snapped the pics, and from the dramatically shrunken waist to the smoothed out skin tone, Mariah got quite a bit of help in the digital makeover department.

The website created a gif file pointing out the differences, and they even noted that Richardson's "point-and-shoot-built-in-flash style isn't flattering enough for publication ... Even Mariah's makeup needed to be digitally added after getting so washed out by the flash. And you know that woman does not cut corners on her glam squad and has the best makeup artist that money can buy." Burn! But they definitely have a point...

Click thru for another shot of Mariah before and after!