Is someone getting jealous?

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are in the throws of new romance, as it was revealed this week that they're dating, and his ex Nina Dobrev doesn't seem to be too thrilled based on her recent tweets!

The Vampire Diaries star retweeted the Twilight actress' post asking fans to help get a homeless dog adopted, and apparently that caught the attention of his former lady love, because she decided to share bizarre musings on beauty and inner confidence.

"Beauty is the opposite of perfection. It's about confidence, charisma and character," read one message, while the other said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." It almost seems like she's trying to convince herself she's fine with her man moving on!

Not only that, but the day it was revealed Somehalder and Reed were dating, Dobrev shared a snapshot of a poem that read: "I give / You take, / I break / You fake / PITY, / I bleed / You dive in deep / Into my blood / As thick as syrup. / Tell me are you / A mosquito?"

Watching your ex move on is hard enough, but it's even worse when you are in the public eye!