Pamela Anderson appears to be still feeling the affects of a split just days after as the former Baywatch star let her emotions out for the world to see.

"What have I done? I knew it was wrong from the start," the 47-year-old actress posted to her Facebook page on Tuesday. "Never marry a rich man."

The poem itself doesn't include clues to her second divorce from former hubby Rick Salomon, but what it did contain was a slew of impactful statements that seem touch on a little bit of everything:

  • "I love being in love-- but expectations,
    make it impossible to be happy-
    or satisfied..."

  • "Tradition...just seemed so romantic...,
    I guess it's a used up ideal --
    for the old fashion...
    not modern..."

  • "No man knows what to do with me--
    I blame myself--
    To play with me, is eternal--
    I'm not 'on the clock' or...
    on the 'payroll'