Paris Hilton and her pooch Peter Pan hit the Country Mart in Malibu, on Sunday and after dropping some serious dough at Sephora, Paris proves she not only knows how to pamper her pets, but she takes care of herself, too!

The Heiress Paris wore a sexy red, maxi cover up (we can barely see her hot white bikini underneath, as she picked up some beauty products to take back to her beach house.

Somehow we think Paris doesn't need much to make her beautiful, though. Check out the cover art for her new single, "Come Alive." Not a lot of heavy makeup here, just a sexy bustier bodysuit and a whole buncha crystals! Paris told Billboard magazine, "I just love Swarovski crystals -- I think they're beautiful. I put them on my Blackberry and my iPhone. I thought it would be really cool to put them on my headphones. It's something different that no one else really does." The accompanying music video will drop this week, so stay tuned!