Monday was not a good day for Ray J. The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged the "singer" with 10 crimes (including sexual battery) in connection with a drunken incident at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last May.

While at the swanky hotel, the 33-year-old allegedly brushed up against a woman's backside and then asked to leave -- and then Brandy's lil' bro seemed to go on quite the alcohol-infused meltdown -- getting arrested, kicking out the window of a police car and spitting on an officer.

Ray claims he was "claustrophobic." Yeah good excuse, dude.

In addition to the misdemeanor battery charge, Ray J was charged with four other misdemeanors including resisting arrest, three counts of assault and battery and two counts of vandalism.

Ray J may have "Hit It First" but it looks like the D.A is hitting it last.