Taylor Swift is out and Cara Delevingne is in as Selena Gomez's new bestie!

Sure, the ladies have hung out before and we know T. Swizzle and SG aren't exactly having baking parties together anymore, but it seems like Selena and Cara (Carlena?) have gotten closer than ever on their Eurotrip. Wild supermodels might be more fun than cat-crazy country singers, but after hearing those reports about Selena's friends and family growing concerned about her partying, is this really the best idea? Then again, Cara is still probably a safer bet than Justin Bieber...

Selena and Cara were spotted hopping on Alshaire Fiyaz's yacht, the Ecstasea on Monday in Saint Tropez, France, and the ladies are reportedly in town for the International Polo Cup. Both of them Instagrammed the above shot with a helicopter, and Selena posted even more sexy travel snapshots the other day.

Looks like she's totally lovin' life without the Biebs -- or at least she wants us to think that.