From therapy to toting around the Alcoholics Anonymous blue book, Shia LaBeouf has been incredibly dedicated to his sobriety after his arrest last month for disorderly conduct. On Tuesday Shia headed to a counseling session in Los Angeles, and later in the morning he filled up his truck at a local gas station. We couldn't help but notice his new haircut -- and his guns! Who knew Mr. LaBeouf was so, well, buff! And he really does look like he's doing a whole lot better here … good for him!

Anyway, according to new reports, apparently the 28-year-old actor has been battling more than just a drinking problem. A source told Radar that Shia was reportedly on ecstasy when he was thrown behind bars in June, and that it's been an ongoing issue. "Shia has been using ecstasy on a recurring basis in the last several months, along with alcohol," a source told the website. "His bizarre behavior during his recent arrest in New York City, was likely the result mixing alcohol with ecstasy."

"Cops didn't detect a strong odor of alcohol at the time of Shia's arrest, and suspected he was under the influence of another substance," the insider added. "It's a very good sign that he has finally decided to get treatment, but it should be on an inpatient basis. He is still fighting the process."

And apparently his erratic behavior was a problem months ago when he was shooting the upcoming WWII movie Fury. "Shia was warned about his behavior by several people on, including Brad Pitt and director David Ayer," a snitch revealed. "He didn't heed any of their warnings and found himself staying in a small bed-and-breakfast hotel away from the rest of the cast. Shia drove everyone mad on set trying to prove that he was the most dedicated star. He pulled out his own tooth during the first few weeks of filming and then refused to shower for weeks on end so he could better understand how his character would have felt living in the trenches."

Um, WHAT?!