Tara Reid and steady boyfriend Erez Eisen went to dinner at Craig's in Los Angeles, and we're not sure if it was the heels or something else, but the former American Pie hottie was a little on the wobbly side when she walked to her car!

Seeing as T. Reid has been in rehab a couple of times over the years, we have to wonder! Earlier this month the duo were seen leaving a grocery store, and Tara was clutching two bottles of white wine. It could have been for a friend's Fourth of July BBQ ... er, right? Tara and Erez have been dating for a little over a year, and while the two do enjoy going out, it does seem like she's been able to keep her inner wild child in check.

"I did party, but I wasn't breaking the law. It wasn't that big of a deal. It's not like going out and getting drunk is a crime, lots of people do it," she told UK men's magazine Loaded in 2012 when asked about her lifestyle. "It doesn't make me a bad person because I like to go out and have a drink. I've never missed a day's work."

So, does that mean she's sober? From looking at these pictures, we can't tell!