Taylor Swift Selena Gomez wish happy birthday necklace

Feuding no more?

Taylor Swift reportedly cut ties with Selena Gomez when she decided to reunite with bad boy boyfriend Justin Bieber the other month, but apparently the singer is over her beef with the Latin beauty, because she took to Twitter today to wish her frenemy a happy 22nd birthday!

"Usually this S represents 'Swift' but today I'm wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!!" she captioned a snapshot of herself hold an "S" necklace in front of the camera.

We wonder why she suddenly had a change of heart? The last rumors we heard made it sound like T-Swizzle was walking away from her former bestie and never looking back!

"Taylor is completely baffled that Selena has yet again taken Justin back. She thinks that Selena is a lost soul and nothing will make her realize how bad Justin is until she no longer has a career. Taylor is convinced that this relationship has and will ruin her health and life, but she is finished with trying to help. She feels like she has tried enough and it hasn't worked," a source dished to Hollywood Life at the time.

The country cutie could have been getting jealous that Selena replaced her with Cara Delevigne, too!