Tori Spelling definitely wouldn't be toting this makeup bag around if she wasn't patching things back up with estranged hubby Dean McDermott! Though we kinda already knew that...

Yesterday Tori headed to work in Los Angeles to shoot her new ABC Family series Mystery Girls (you know, the one she's starring in with friend and fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Jennie Garth), and she carried a bunch of bags and clothes to her car before a long day at the studio. This show is going to be a bit lighter than some of the stuff we witnessed on her docu-reality sobfest True Tori, which chronicled her marriage nearly falling apart after hubby Dean McDermott cheated on her.

"Tori feels she owes it to them to try to work it out with their dad, even though it's hard," a longtime friend of Spelling's told People earlier this month. "They're working on their marriage and they're operating as a family, but of course there's tension. It's a work in progress."

Tori "is very non-confrontational," adds the insider. "That's her personality. She doesn't like conflict. Dean has always been the big voice in their family. But now? In many ways, this has been great for her. It's forced her to really speak up, to demand to be heard and to say exactly how she feels to him. There's a change in her. Tori's not a quitter, not even when it comes to something like this. She's going to do everything in her power to make her family whole. If it's going to work out, no one knows. I don't think she knows that herself. But that's the kind of person she is. She won't quit until she's totally defeated."

And she certainly won't toss that monogrammed bag out either!