On Wednesday Tori Spelling headed back to the studio in Los Angeles to shoot her new ABC Family series Mystery Girls, and this time she brought around her 6-year-old daughter Stella, who was rocking some hot pink clip-in extensions in her hair!

Tori wasn't wearing much makeup (or shoes, for that matter -- ew!), and while she appears a bit worn out here, it sounds like this TV show will be a lot more fun than the last one she shot. You know, that docu-series that followed her and hubby Dean McDermott going to a therapist after he admitted to banging another girl behind her back? Yeah, that one.

Tori and co-star/BFF Jennie Garth recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly for an interview about their new show, and the ladies couldn't stop cracking up while chatting about their latest project. "Sometimes we do start laughing, and theres no stopping us. But I dont know if anybody loves it when that happens," Jennie said. Tori added, "Thats dangerous. We used to do that on 90210. We would just be laughing and laughing through every take, and then eventually, the crew would be like, Okay, we want to go home. And then you would get nervous. Youd be like, Oh gosh, I cant stop laughing. It would never happen with anyone but [Jen]."

Glad she's having a good time!