Angelina Jolie escaped a copyright lawsuit last year over her movie In The Land Of Blood And Honey but the plaintiff has filed an appeal for the same case.

James Braddock, author of the book The Soul Shattering, claims that Jolie copied his work for her film in which the judge ruled against him in the original lawsuit.

Braddock insists that the judge was biased and didnt use a proper system for deciding the copyright issues.

The Courts decision noted a number of material errors, starting with clear descriptions that are interpreted or translated incorrectly, to the downgrading of a complex of the work," according to court documents Braddock filed. "The court did not compare the whole scene at all elements, but he pulled the individual parts!

Braddock's book was published in 2007 and centered around the love between a Muslim and a Croatian in a Bosnian village in 1992, torn apart by war. Jolie's film had a similar story and the author even insists that one of Jolie's producers said they discussed his book before making the movie, adding that "they all decided they wanted to adapt it into a film."

Jolie previously denied the allegations and has yet to respond to the new appeal.