On Tuesday afternoon two massive black SUVs carrying Brad Pitt and Angelina's six kids stopped by a local McDonalds for some grub, and after a long weekend trip out of town, it looks like Shiloh and company were fiending for some greasy fast food! Aren't they always?!

Not only have we snapped the family at Mickey D's, In 'N Out and Baskin Robbins on a regular basis over the years, but there's been a number of instances where we've gotten a peek at their shopping bags, which are often filled with candy and unhealthy snacks like Cheetos and Funyuns. Are Brad and Angelina eating this junk too, or are they simply unable to say no to their children's demands for unhealthy snacks?

A photographer on the scene tells X17online that he could hear someone screaming from inside the blacked-out van, so it certainly seems like the kids are being pacified with cheesy and fried grub. "One of the kids kept hollering about french fries," our photog tells us. "It sounded like things were getting a bit out of control inside the van."

When Brad sat down for an interview on Inside The Actor's Studio back in 2012, he even admitted that he gives the kids caffeinated sodas in the morning! The Fury star told host James Lipton, "Listen, I admit theres times like, 'We gotta get up. Get up! Heres your shoes. Heres your shoes. Drink this Coke. Drink this Coca-Cola. Drink it all. Right now! Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!' Just so we could get em up and going."

Nothing wrong with a Happy Meal every now and then, but it sounds like Brangelina's brood have a bit of a McD's addiction!