Are they dating or aren't they dating?! We thought they were dunzo!

The once-rumored couple Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn had tongues wagging yet again when the teens were spotted attending the Ed Sheerhan concert in Los Angeles last night.

Chloe, who first sparked rumors she was dating Posh and Becks' handsome son when she went skateboarding with the 15-year-old earlier this summer, seemed to put speculation about their dating status to bed a few weeks ago, when photogs caught Chloe holding hands with another guy in New York City a few weeks ago. After photos surfaced of Chloe on a date with hunky teen Julian Moraes, she posted Instagram pics of the twosome kissing at a photobooth. We definitely took that as a sign that things with Brookyln were either done -- or never were ...

But last night's pics tell another story -- the duo were definitely looking all sorts of chummy when they caught the Sheeran concert together at the Staples Center.

Maybe Chloe is back in her younger man's arms after things didn't work out with Julian, or maybe they're just friends? Seems doubtful. We've seen When Harry Met Sally -- boys and girls can't be friends -- at least when they're as attractive as these two!