Who's that boy?!

Courtney Love left Chateau Marmont last night with fashion editor Derek Blasberg. While Court was decked out in her usual rock 'n' roller look -- a leather dress -- her male companion donned a navy sweater, ripped jeans and running shoes. This is definitely not the kind of man we'd expect to see the former Hole singer to be out on the town with -- he's just so preppy!

But don't expect the 50-year-old to be tamed any time soon. Performing at the University of Canberra in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, Kurt Cobain's widow certainly entertained the audience with her wild ways. At one point, the blonde pointed to an unsuspecting dude in the crowd and said, "Hey, that geeky guy with the glasses. If I were at uni with you 20 years ago I would have so f*cked you."

Look like she's still the same old Courtney!