We'd be smiling if we knew we could go from Los Angeles to San Diego without getting stuck in a bunch of nightmarish traffic -- no wonder Hilary Duff was in such a good mood when X17 photographers snapped her photo on Thursday!

The 26-year-old singer headed to San Diego's Energy 103.7FM radio show to chat with host Dorothy Tran, and while they talked about Duff's new single, "All About You," they also chatted about her upcoming series, Younger, which is set to premiere on TV Land this January. After taking a 7-year break from the entertainment industry, Duff admitted that she was coming back guns blazing. "I've always been all or nothing," she said. "It's all right now!" She'll be shooting her new music video next week, and she will be going on tour next year too -- and let's not forget, she's got a 2-year-old soon to boot! We have no idea how she does it all -- and with this much energy!

Of course, the girls also gabbed about Duff's family life, food and yup -- her feud with Lindsay Lohan back in the day! "We didn't even really know each other," Duff admitted, adding that it was the first time she "ever dealt with anything super negative." So did they resolve their squabble over the fact that they both dated Aaron Carter? It certainly seems that way!

Duff said, "Finally we went up to each other, I think we were at a club or something -- we were both too young to be there -- and I was like 'Hey, should we talk,' and she's like 'Sure, yeah ... I'm sorry about all this stuff.' She was very cool after that, and before that we didn't even know each other..." Watch the rest of her chat below!