James Franco has made us laugh in a number of movies, and most of the time we get weak in the knees when we see him on the red carpet (or in those old Gucci ads!), but lately we're getting kinda sick of him. It seems like everything he does is a desperate cry for attention, and his latest stunt is no exception.

On Monday night James posted the video above and wrote on Instagram, "#ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE!!!! Thank you @selenagomez for nominating me!!!! I nominate: @zackbraff @joeyking @keeganallen You have 24 hours!!" What would have been yet another celeb raising awareness for the ALS Association ended up being more about James and the fact that his genitalia were covered by a small piece of plastic. Sigh.

In case you need to cleanse your palette with something a little less disturbing, here's Kate Upton and her giant boobs getting soaked by a friend:

While we're glad to see so many celebs taking part in it, but a) most of them aren't actually using ice and b) how much have they pledged to donate? We get that it's raising awareness for the organization and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, but still...