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It's impossible to look cool on one of these things!

Jason Derulo made his way around St. Tropez on a segway yesterday, and the R&B singer didn't seem the least bit embarrassed about cruising on the world's dorkiest wheels! The "Talk Dirty" crooner had a huge smile plastered on his face, so we take it he enjoyed the ride. The only person who should be using one of these is a mall cop!

The singer didn't appear to be with girlfriend Jordin Sparks, but we bet he was on his best behavior because he is completely smitten with his lady love! In fact, he recently admitted in an ABC interview that he penned his song "Marry Me" for the American Idol alum. "Thats the reason why I wrote the song in the first place...because I wanted her to know that when the time is right then it will happen," he confessed.

You would never catch Usher on one of these!