Jennifer Lopez revealed the cover artwork of her new single, "Booty" today, and not only does she look absolutely incredible, but can you believe she's 45?! It never ceases to amaze us that J. Lo truly has gotten better with age...

"#bootyfromtheblock #bootyandthebeat #naturalbooty #bootybootybootybootybootyeverywhere #jlobooty #LOL," she tweeted. Yup, those hashtags just about sum it up!

J. Lo worked with Pitbull, Chris Brown, Diplo, and several others on the latest track from her AKA album, and earlier this month the smokin' hot singer/actress posted an Instagram video of herself twerking in a clip from the tune's music video.

And speaking of her ridiculous bod, even BFF Leah Remini can't get over how flawless J. Lo's physique is! Remini recently chatted with E! News and admitted that she's checked out her longtime pal. "I do stare at her naked and not in a crazy way but I'm like what a b*tch," Remini joked. "And I'll tell her, too Disclaimer: I'm staring at you, I'm looking for cellulite and looking for things that my mind could compute and she's like 'Well, just look and try to find it.'"