After running a red light in his new red Chevrolet Corvette earlier in the day, Justin Bieber found a new way to tear around town -- on a black Can-Am trike!

The 20-year-old singer left a pal's apartment building in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, and we'd recognize those tatted up guns anywhere! And in typical Bieber fashion, he's definitely not looking to keep a low profile with this motor vehicle...

But we do have to scold the Biebs, because when we caught up with him around 2pm, X17 photographers witnessed the bad boy pop superstar driving his new 'vette right through a stoplight in Beverly Hills. Shortly after that he arrived at his pal's pad, at which point he switched rides and posted an Instagram pic of his car parked in the garage.

We do love the Biebs, but it certainly seems like he went to the same driving school as Kylie Jenner ... just be careful JB!