Someone get this man some shades!

Justin Bieber was blinded by the sun as he headed to the recording studio today in Hollywood, and we're a little surprised he didn't sport some fashionable sunglasses to protect his precious peepers!

We would say he looks a little hungover, except apparently he's toning down his wild ways now that he's back with Selena Gomez. If you believe the reports, the "Come & Get It" singer has inspired The Biebs to clean up his act. Justin is getting really healthy, he wants to look good for Selena so hes working out a lot, theyre both on a health kick. Theyre detoxing from all the partying and negativity right now. Hes been hiking every day, thats his new favorite thing. And hes getting up early because hes not out partying all night, hes just been at home chilling with Selena, a source tells Hollywood Life.

So will Jelena last this time around?

"He is more in love with her than ever because he realized that he could have lost the best thing that ever happened to him for good. Of course these words were music to her ears. Selena said she would take him back on one conditionthat they get spiritual counseling together," the source added.

We bet he's recording love songs in the studio!