There's no way they could dine and dash here!

On Friday afternoon Kendall Jenner and BFF Hailey Baldwin went to the Dean and DeLuca supermarket in Manhattan, and after stocking up on some groceries, the girls strutted down the sidewalk like they owned it. Hailey hasn't exactly had the same success as Kendall when it comes to modeling, but we have a feeling her big break will come sooner or later. Just look at her -- and she's such a Baldwin!

In other news, Kendall has reportedly decided to drop her last name in an attempt to be taken more seriously in the fashion world. "She just wants some independence from her family, according to a source for HollywoodLife. Everyone in the business refers to her on a first-name basis, anyway. Plus, she thinks its cool! Shes always looked up to Twiggy and Giselle, and theyre on a first-name basis, too. Its really important to Kendall that she make a name for herself on her own and she feels like dropping her last name helps with that goal.

She's the current cover girl for Teen Vogue, and she's already modeled for Marc Jacobs and Chanel, so it doesn't seem like she needs that much help, but more power to her! And you KNOW Kris Jenner is not gonna be happy about this...