Kendall Jenner is threatening to sue a New York City waitress who accused the reality TV starlet of failing to pay her bill at Mercer Kitchen last week.

According to a report on Page Six, Jenner and pal Hailey Baldwin were reportedly unhappy when the staff wouldnt serve them alcohol, at which point Jenner left. When Jenner's waitress, Blaine Morris ran outside to ask Jenner to pay the bill, the girls started laughing, and a source tells the website, "Kendall took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip."

Shortly after the incident, Morris tweeted, That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill to be thrown money in your face. While Jenner's lawyer, Marty Singer, DID admit that his client "accidentally" skipped out on the bill, he claims that Morris' remarks are false and defamatory and is demanding a appropriate retraction and sincere apology.

In a cease-and-desist letter, Singer claims Morris approached Jenner after the 18-year-old starlet left the eatery, but that his client was "extremely apologetic" and paid her $33 bill and included a $7 tip which was "politely handed" to Morris. Singer added, "Although you are working as a waitress at Mercer Kitchen, I understand you are also a struggling actress. You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself."

Ouch! Who do you believe? Kendall or her server?