They look ready to take on the town!

On Thursday, Kendall and Kylie Jenner donned their darkest attire while out and about in New York City and get this... they were without the rest of the fam!

The two young Kardashian clan members were in town to celebrate their joint DuJour magazine cover at Lavo in Midtown Manhattan, the latest accomplishment for the budding models.

Kendall has been on fire lately, having scored her first Teen Vogue cover after gigs with Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, and Balmain. The statuesque 18-year-old went in-depth on her strides in the fashion industry and what her family association means for it all.

"What a lot of people dont know is that being in the industry I'm in with my family doesn't benefit me at all," she told DuJour. "It actually makes it harder for me to break in because I had to work a little bit harder for people to take me seriously and show them that I really want it."

Seems like her hard work is paying off. As for the dropping of her last name for more modeling gigs, looks like that's a tactic to make a name for herself!