French Montana doesn't want you to panic, but if you're watching his new music video, which is chock full of creepy people in masks and weapons -- you definitely should.

For the video, Khloe Kardashian "helped" out her rapper boyfriend when she donned a scary clown mask and carried a crossbow -- what a good girlfriend! The 30-year-old joined the hip hop crew in French's startling new video, which even appears to feature a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

The video opens inside a dark old building where a terrified girl is chained up and being tormented by a thug. Cut to another girl, who looks alarmingly like Kim Kardashian, is panicking inside a car. There's another scene involved a bunch of scary looking dudes in masks, who are brandishing weapons around a beaten up old car. Khloe makes her appearance as one of the masked maniacs -- and is looking quite menacing as she carries a crossbow.

From the Kim K. lookalike to the bad rapping and scary scenarios -- this is the stuff our nightmares are made of!