V Magazine

With her big sister Kendall taking the fashion industry by storm, Kylie Jenner has some pretty big pumps to fill, but this is a solid first attempt!

The 17-year-old reality TV starlet covers V Magazine's new issue, and not only does she strike some fierce poses, but she makes some deep revelations about life in the spotlight.

"We dont even remember a time before the show and before the cameras and all that, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan says. Its all kind of normal to us." As far as following in her famous family's shoes and getting along with them every step of the way, she admits that it's not easy. "Im a Leo, and I relate to that," she says. "Im not compatible with Scorpiosgirls more than boysbut I live in a house with three of them: my mom, my dad, and Kendall.

Aside from eating at Sugarfish and getting manicures, what are Kylie's other interests? Im obsessed with Instagram," she says. "Kendall showed it to me, and my mom was on Twitter before me, so I was kind of the last one in the family to get on social media."

Does Kylie consider herself a rebel? I dont know, me and Kendall dont follow the book or the rules or anything like that but we definitely arent, like, bad kids," she says.

The other day we spotted the sisters at a shoot for Pac Sun, and while Kendall walked around with her supermodel strut, Kylie looked totally down in the dumps. In fact, it's making us wonder if she feels completely overshadowed by her big sis, who graces the current issue of Teen Vogue. After taking a peek at Kylie's cover (and checking out some of the thing Kendall has done lately) we gotta ask: Who's the hotter model?